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2020 HIRA International Symposium and Training Course

About the Event

NOW is the TIME

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically disrupted our daily life and exposed major vulnerabilities in the healthcare system. Even countries with well-developed healthcare system are facing challenges they have never experienced before. We are aware of the concerns raised by the COVID-19 outbreak and HIRA decides to host virtual the International Symposium on the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a crucial moment in time as we observe a myriad of storms that are gathering related to the COVID-19. We need to use our voice, influence, and energy for progressive change by sharing each country’s case so that healthcare system can become nimble and capable of transformation. The goal of this conference is to collect information about experiences related to the COVID-19 outbreak management in different countries for better universal health coverage and flexible healthcare system.

Expected Results

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the worst crisis since the Great Depression. There is a real danger that the crisis will increase poverty and widen inequalities, with the impact felt for years to come. On the other hand, Korea is responding well to fight against the COVID-19 within a robust healthcare system centered on HIRA. Reconstructing a better and more resilient healthcare system is essential for the future because it is a matter of whether people live or die. This video conference is expected to contribute to helping many countries better approach the reconstruction of healthcare system. Participants will get ideas on redesigning their own healthcare system through learning a broad spectrum of examples in many countries and international organizations. Participants of the training course will gain a profound understanding of the claims review, quality assessment, and benefit criteria management of Korea’s health insurance system. Furthermore, they can utilize and apply what they learned from this course in building and improving their own systems.


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